Hello world!

18 04 2009

Blogging since long was on my to-do list; but then complacence has been doin a bit well against me.

finally….here i come; or should i say here i go!!

As i stretch my memory, and try n think of my earliest expeditions in learning ‘expression arts’ ( jus coined this term); the image of me tryin to learn painting comes to my mind. I tried a lot. A bit later came Music. I tried learning some rhythm instrument called ‘Bongo’, this was followed by congo, followed by guitar, still followed by keyboard. Off late also tried my hand at poetry. A dozen summers, or more, would have passed by while all these expeditions went on.

The fact remains that I learned nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Having said that, at some point in time I realised that – within me is this tremendous urge to express. Which also means that my mind is always brimming with ideas/thoughts (useful or useless , dat i dont care) and there is this compelling desire to express those thoughts and ideas.

What i am trying to say is – Painting, playing music etc. were all various attempts that i made (mostly sub consciously) to express what is within. Now i can’t paint, nor can i make music…but what i can do is WRITE.

Writing is an ‘expression art’ for me; and that is the sole reason for me to write. What a Blog offers to me is  a space to express and share. A painter becomes noteworthy when he is viewed, a music piece is termed popular if its heard by many. In short it is not just about expressing , but the ability to share my expressions is what brings me to Blogging.

A disclaimer : I do not write to communicate. Communication is an act one performs for a particular cause or reason. For me the desire is to express my emotions at a particular moment. Thats it. Hence the chances are that the blog turns out to be esoteric, inconsistent, interesting and may be boring! But the fact would remain that there is no agenda.  It will be highly instinctive and zanny. Wander at your will.

My bLog. mY spAce.My exPressions.




4 responses

24 04 2009

interesting disclaimer, however, u do hv a reason which is “desire to express emotions” which is coz u seek to be heard, we all do. or else why would authors write & publish books and why would u share a blog.

25 04 2009

Mihir, my friend….its predictive that you started with responsible entrepreneurship but what’s not are the kind of emotions (as you say) that you will bring to the forefront and thats gonna run anywhere (which is where fun lies too)……but I wanna tell you Cool job great start….however I believe the next thing on your plate is that I guess you should write on the topic atheism and vice versa too my friend…..

26 04 2009

Okay everyone…all those crazy things going on in Mihir’s mind…is served u in a sophisticated way that’s Blogging. But u doing what u best at buddy..so just carry on from here..i knw u can do wonders 😉

26 04 2009

But i agree..Read at ur own risk. His blogging can turn u insane.

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