Communication vs Expression : An explanation

27 04 2009

“A disclaimer : I do not write to communicate. Communication is an act one performs for a particular cause or reason. For me the desire is to express my emotions at a particular moment. Thats it.”

Received some interesting comments on the  above mentioned disclaimer that i made in the first blog “HELLO WORLD”.

A friend had a counter view and we had an intersting chat; at the end of which I was able to make the point clear. This might be of interest to others. So i am pasting that chat that i had with her. Here it is :

SHE : y do u want to popularise ur blog? – u not communicating for a cause or reason ?

mihir : look u not gettin it.

SHE : …?

mihir: me writing a mail to u and me writing a blog on u
aint the two things diff?
y or n?

SHE: yes both diff

mihir: rite

SHE: mail is directed to particular person /.blog to all

mihir: so the former is communication and latter is my expression to say somethin about u
it doesnt mean dat latter has to be isolated
dats d difference i was refering to
i write coz i want to express certain emotions or certain incidents….but wen sm one reads it n comments…it motivates me to do it again…….
all arts have this simple psychology behind it
yash chopra makes a movie … ppl like he tries n make another movie…n so on….for him movie is his way to express

SHE: yes got it. agreed too. but then your disclaimer doesnt

mihir: haha

SHE: u in your disclaimer saying tht u r not communicating.. authors, movie directors all are communicating adn so are u:) and thts nice.

mihir: u can have ur opinion….coz every word has diff meaning for diff people

SHE: true..

mihir: dont get stuck to the word ‘communication’……

SHE: ya i think i m doing tht also coz i hv my own defi of communication and feel communication is very imp in life

mihir: even if i remain silent….m communicating….dats not wat d disclaimer says

SHE:  🙂 hahha.. i like tht.. “even if i remain silent….m communicating”
never thought of tht b4

mihir: wat m sayin is….m not writing coz i want to say x thing to say Mr Y……..m jus writing….now Mr. Y mite n mite not read it……d primary motive is not to tell smthin to Mr. Y……d motive is just to paint a landscape…a sketch … a painting…..wid the available skill i have

SHE: actually now i m getting it: wht u meant to say in your disclaimer is tht : u r communicating, but not communicating for a purpose or reason.. u r just expressing and leaving it to the reader to extract wht he/she wants to.. like the author leaves it to the imagination of the reader.. whereas first when i read
i read it as u saying u not communicating for reason / cause .. u r just expressing and i was like if just expressing why not in person diary
but i get it now.

mihir: phew!

SHE: or i think so, i do:)

mihir: haha
now u talkin like me
n i like dat

SHE: hahaha:))




One response

28 04 2009

Hi Mihir, Good fun reading your thoughts. Keep it up.

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