Wished to share this AV of Tiranga Cup.

7 05 2009

TIRANGA CUP : cricket tournament organised for the wonderful kids dwelling around the gandhi ashram area of ahmedabad.

The idea is to create an event where in the kids can enjoy a competitive sport and have a funfilled experience preparing for it.

The event is heartfully managed by independent volunteers; who inturn are getting lessons on innocence, love, teamwork, friendship and love filled camaraderie





2 responses

21 05 2009

Hey Mihir,

This brings a very positive message, I am super thrilled by the video and what you guys have done. Hearty congrats!! I am curious to know whether you have a write up that is associated with this activity or may be kids’ story of what they experienced/ understood and learned from this experience? May be you can put up that as video clips..

Very Enjoyable!! *****

21 05 2009

One of the volunteers is working on a documentary/video which will include interviews and video footage of kids and volunteers….the intent is to capture the spirit and essence of such an activity inititated from heart……

will share once its done…..

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