A Friend – as i see.

10 05 2009

dedicated to the friend who evoked these emotions in me.


Some 1 lakh years ago, somewhere near heaven, a path breaking experiment was on. The entire council of heaven was divided on this new experiment. The experiment had put the existence of 5 innocent people at stake. Amongst all the chaos one man stood strong. HE was the commander–in-chief of the experiment. HE exactly knew what he was doing. He very well knew that the success of this experiment would change the course of the universe.

The experiment was to create an unknown process called ‘life’. Life – as HE saw it was a self sustaining process which once initiated would grow and nourish itself to make universe a better place. A trial of this experiment was on. Five brave people had volunteered to be the part of this trial run. All these five people were put into this process ; were ‘made to live’ as HE described it. The objective was to check all the aspects of the equation of life before it is brought into existence.

 Time was passing on…days, weeks, months, years. All those 5 volunteers were exposed to a variety of emotions and were made to live a mix of intriguing experiences. They were made to cry and  also shown the way to smile; they were made to fall and given opportunities to rise; sorrow and laughter, fear and cheer, dark and light, anger against compassion, greed and lust against sacrifice and dispassion; HE also made them experience the nuances of hatred against love. HE was happy that his theory of duality seemed to be working!

But with passage of time it seemed that the volunteers were draining. Their capacity to match up with the mysticism of life was decreasing. Infact there came a stage when it seemed that the volunteers would not be able to sustain themselves through this vigorous process of ‘life’. HE was under tremendous pressure. His dream called ‘life’ was under major threat.

HE could not accept the failure of his equation. Strong forces were trying to abandon the experiment. Undeterred HE applied his mind, kept working hard – days and night, trying to understand the anomaly of his equation. An anomaly that was leaking the energy from the whole system. Finally HE found an answer. A solution to take care of all the leakages and to make the equation of life successful. HE injected this solution into the system and saw unprecedented success. Immediate improvement in the behaviour of the volunteers. They seemed to have internalized themselves with the ‘environment’ provided to them in the experiment. They had learned to chill, to have fun, to enjoy ‘life’!

Everybody was happy, there were celebrations all over the heaven. Ever since then the equation is still on, the process of life is going continuously without any failures. We all are part of this process and living this ‘equation of life’ created so many years ago. The architect of the system is given great respect in the heaven, even till today.

 HE is now popularly known as GOD.

The five volunteers were : Changu, Chhagan, kanu, Chhako and Babli.

Gods final solution :

HE made a mangu for every changu

A magan for every chhagan,

A manu for every kanu,

A mako for every chhako

And a bunty for every babli.

A friend for every friend.

I Thank God, I found you.




3 responses

10 05 2009

🙂 wants to make me believe the story; thats how universe got created and thats how God made “Friends”:).you do write well

10 05 2009

infact i will save it to tell my children how god made universe and why god made friends:) courtesy: mihir uncle:) lol

11 05 2009

I’m guessing u and I are BUNTY AND BABLI?!! Those are the only names personifying a girl-boy friendship. lol

Mihir .. u KNOW what i would want to say after having read this!! 🙂

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