Some definitions.

23 06 2009

Over last 3 decades,  life has played a hell lot of games with me. Let me tell you I have had a ball(mostly :P)  In hindsight many things seem unreal, rather it seems as if it were all a dream. But from all of the experiences that I went through, and still going through, all the things that I did, all the things that  I was made to do, all that I resisted and all that I could never resist, all that is known about me and from all that is not known – all of these combine to create someone called ME. And its a continuum. Unending. Like a potters wheel. One may never know what the final shape of the pot will be, until the wheel stops. Similarly, I believe that, until the wheel of life stops, there won’t be any status quo.

Based on what I have absorbed, here are some definitions (as of now) on a few things of life.  My choice making is based on these definitions or perceptions, whatever sounds better, of mine. And they are ever changing.

Here they are :

Life :  The duration between two accidents namely, Birth and Death.

Love: Absolute indulgence.

Hatred : Stupid indulgence.

God : Mankind’s greatest invention.

Dreams : “Dreams are what you never can become.” and “Dream is an sms from you to you.”

Luck : “Its that something which gets you through when you didn’t expect to; and when  its absent it wont let you through even though you are all sure n prepared!”

Society : A camouflage. Every one finds their own suitable hide out and then stay put.

Marriage : A societal arrangement, to bind the two genders of homo sapiens, and throw them in a maze of unending triviality, a trivia of purposes, fears, hopes and insecurities.

If absent, it can completely shatter the societal structure. Because that would lead to sans the purpose of most men/women’s life.

The way to rise above the walls of this maze is to find  a strong purpose for oneself.

( will write a piece on this some time)

Prayer : A means to experience surreal.

Morals : Man made hurdles. Winner is the one who use them to his/her advantage.

Crime : A signal that after all we are all animals.

Innovation : eg. Snooze…the greatest innovation.

Patriotism : Forced religion.

Tears : The response of the body when one is able to stretch out of one’s own inhibitions. This state is mostly momentary.

Goodness : Just another vocation.

Greatness : Crossing the expectations of  the people around.

History : Manufactured truth.

Truth : What you believe in is what you consider to be true.

PS : Those who liked the definitions don’t be too happy, and those who didn’t like them, don’t be too furious. Coz by the time we bump into each other, most of it might just have changed!!!! (potters wheel, remember :P)


Random Act of Kindness

16 06 2009

Have earlier shared an AV on Tiranga Cup 2009. Tiranga Cup was not only about cricket.  Tiranga cup is a manifestation of RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.  How a small thought of doing something that one wishes to do, for no great purpose other than just doing it, results into wonderful after effects. This thought is expressed in this AV. Find below the script of the voice over.


Is there a way of seeing that does not need eyes? Is there a way of touching things that does not need hands? Is there a way of loving that is beyond words and time spent, beyond prescribed greetings and reciprocity?

~ from Hugh Prather’s, Notes to myself.

Any act that generates joy and happiness for the involved; is what we understand as an ACT OF KINDNESS. However, random it may be, we believe, it has beautiful after effects, which shall ever remain.

Normally, while initiating any act or event; one thinks of the resources in hand; however we learned that for an act of kindness all that is needed is an intent, an intent which is selfless in nature, rest everything follows.

A kind heart,a clear objective, a strong sense of purpose and a bunch of values is the only capital that was required. Add to it a few liters of sweat and all the necessary resources would come along.

This is what happened at TIRANGA CUP 2009

TIRANGA CUP is cricket tournament organised for the wonderful kids living amidst insufficiency of resources and lifestyle. The idea was to create an event where in the kids can enjoy a competitive sport and have a funfilled experience preparing for it. The funds, the ground the required equipments it all came from a range of silent donors. The event was heartfully managed by independent volunteers; who in turn got lessons on innocence, love, teamwork and friendship.

At the end of it all the realizations were magical. One could see the joy and the happiness even with shut eyes. All involved – the kids, the volunteers – managed to touch each other in some form. The impact was unmatched and it still lives.

The act of kindness cannot be measured in magnitude. Its not big or small. Because its impact can never truly be measured. For the world it may or may not have any logical output. Like ripples in silent water travel unknown distances, we believe that such acts of kindness creates its ripples in the society.

Its impact  on the individual can never be communicated,  It has to be lived, it has to be experienced!





Your heart is calling you with every beat, waiting for you to take the call!!!

Life, a Traffic Jam.

11 06 2009

We all have certain understanding or beliefs about LIFE. Our own Philosophies. The basis of our choice making. I have mine. Here is my take on LIFE.

Definition : The duration between two accidents, namely birth and death.

Do’s : Try and enrich the duration. I get my kicks from taking chances. Nothings really wrong.

Dont’s : Never try to secure the duration.

The Analogy :

One fine evening you heading home from work, having thought of reaching there in 20 minutes.  You end up in a traffic jam. Now consider this incident(accident) of you getting stuck in the jam as your BIRTH. The moment the Traffic gets cleared, lets consider that moment as DEATH. In between these two, you have life in your hands. Amidst the traffic, the chaos , the noise you got LIFE. The two immediate choices that one has are 1 – Keep waiting for the traffic jam to get clear and 2 – Start doing things that would make you forget that you are waiting.

Those who subscribe to choice 1 i.e those who wait for the traffic jam to get clear, this is what happens to them :

  • Wait in itself is excruciating.
  • These people end up being impatient.
  • They crib about their current state. They worry about being late.
  • They get frustrated with these unplanned thing happening to them.
  • They complain.
  • Each minute seems too long.
  • They are bored.
  • They think they are alone.
  • They think they are missing out on something while they are stuck.
  • At most what they will do is ‘honk’. They think that’s all they can do.
  • A few ‘intelligent’ ones would curse the unknown.
  • The  only thing that matters about this duration to them is “when will this end?”
  • when the traffic gets cleared and the movement starts again (death) they look at the watch, curse, honk and depart (exactly in that order!!!)

Now, lets look at what happens to the ones who choose the Second way, the other way, which is to start doing things that would make them forget that they are waiting.

  • Their first exclamation “Wow! what a jam!!! 🙂 “
  • They will look around, observe the surroundings.
  • Based on their disposition they would involve themselves in some act. As in some one would increase the volume of stereo and enjoy the music. Someone like me would make a few calls and enjoy the chat. Someone might find an interesting face around to look at and fantasize. Someone might just close his/her eyes and day dream.  Some enterprising one might get out of the vehicle and involve him/herself in clearing the jam. Some chatter bug might just strike a conversation with the one besides him.
  • They keep smiling.
  • They are enjoying.
  • They are so relaxed.
  • They just never realise and by the time the traffic is cleared and the movement starts again(death); they look at the watch, smile, set their radio station and leave!
  • For them it was never about minutes, the entire duration was just one moment!

This is exactly what happens with LIFE. If you consider Life as a ‘duration’ then all your actions will be focused on securing that duration. The time that has gone can never come back and the time that is yet to come can never be secured, and while worrying about yesterday and tomorrow one forgets that TODAY exists. This inturn would lead to frustration, anxiety, insecurity and fear. And if you consider Life as an opportunity to ‘do things that you would want to’ than all your thoughts and actions will be focused on enriching every moment. Life as a whole would become one single moment.

As simple as that.

Just Live.

“I believe that if you are constantly doing what you are doing just because you are told to do or because of your fear of tomorrow or because of commitments and responsibilities you would have truly lost the whole purpose of being alive.” ~ RGV

PS : I belong to the second way, the other way of doing things. However I do find myself frustrated at times, but I manage to drag myself back. I enjoy my indulgences and derive my kicks from taking wild chances.

Magic of Love!

5 06 2009

dedicated to the magicians in my life.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,

they are in each other all along.

~ Rumi

There are two types of people in the world. Believers and Non-believers.(in GOD)

For Believers everything starts and ends with HIM. For a non-believer everything starts and ends with ME. For a non-believer everything around is just matter and his/her drive is to extract value from that matter. Whereas for a believer GOD exists in matter and s/he perceives life in every particle.  Now, I am not gonna talk about GOD here. But the point I wish to make is that just as in GOD, LOVE is also a belief.

Love is a belief. One can experience it only if one believes in its existence. For a believer LOVE is what connects him/her to other being, whereas for a non believer LOVE is just a word that s/he utilises to connect to other being. For the former LOVE is the end while for the latter ones, LOVE is nothing but a means to reach to a desired end.

I believe in love. Love for me is the metaphor for life. Its a simple emotion, which in worldly matters is so highly dramatized that most of us become weary of it. If truly believed in, this emotion can take you to unknown realms of existence.

For a moment, imagine a world without love. What would happen then? Lust, Greed, Power and Control would take over. I am not denying the existence of this equally powerful and potent emotions. To an extent they rule the world and they define the structure of most societies. But the fact remains that, amidst the jungle of animal instincts there exists a humane society which thrives on an undefined emotion called Love.

How else do you explain a touch which makes you hear the other persons heart beat? How else do you explain that hug which flushes out tears from deep within? How else do you infer the phenomenon whereby seeing someone smile alters your mood? How else does one understand those hours of silences where in you communicate the most? How else do you explain that drive to be good and work hard? How else do you explain that wish to make someone proud? How else…?

It is nothing but the belief in LOVE that would explain such happenings.  It is out of love that amidst all the Greed there still are events of ‘Giving’; amidst all those who lust for power, there still are those who willfully ‘Surrender’;  among all the chaos for control, humility still prevails.

This I believe is the magic…the magic of love! This belief in love is the doorway to many varied moments, love filled moments, magical moments, which alleviates me from my physical being.

And when I look back I only recall those moments. My mind forgets events, forgets occasions, but it fondly remembers these magical – love filled moments.

Never let go any chance of expressing your love, never let go the opportunity to create magic. Just Believe, and the price that you may have to pay will seem futile.

I believe in Magic. The Magic of Love.

“Life exists in moments, and these moments are what stays with you for your entire life”

PS : A few days back I was about to commit a mistake of ‘not doing’ what I wanted to do. I was about to hold back my expressions. But I am glad that my BELIEF was strong. I finally did express what I wanted to express, did it with all the love and joy! And what followed were some unimaginable moments. Moments wherein time and space almost evaporated, I got totally drawn into that wonderful moment of love. Added a few more to my collection of love-filled moments.