Magic of Love!

5 06 2009

dedicated to the magicians in my life.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,

they are in each other all along.

~ Rumi

There are two types of people in the world. Believers and Non-believers.(in GOD)

For Believers everything starts and ends with HIM. For a non-believer everything starts and ends with ME. For a non-believer everything around is just matter and his/her drive is to extract value from that matter. Whereas for a believer GOD exists in matter and s/he perceives life in every particle.  Now, I am not gonna talk about GOD here. But the point I wish to make is that just as in GOD, LOVE is also a belief.

Love is a belief. One can experience it only if one believes in its existence. For a believer LOVE is what connects him/her to other being, whereas for a non believer LOVE is just a word that s/he utilises to connect to other being. For the former LOVE is the end while for the latter ones, LOVE is nothing but a means to reach to a desired end.

I believe in love. Love for me is the metaphor for life. Its a simple emotion, which in worldly matters is so highly dramatized that most of us become weary of it. If truly believed in, this emotion can take you to unknown realms of existence.

For a moment, imagine a world without love. What would happen then? Lust, Greed, Power and Control would take over. I am not denying the existence of this equally powerful and potent emotions. To an extent they rule the world and they define the structure of most societies. But the fact remains that, amidst the jungle of animal instincts there exists a humane society which thrives on an undefined emotion called Love.

How else do you explain a touch which makes you hear the other persons heart beat? How else do you explain that hug which flushes out tears from deep within? How else do you infer the phenomenon whereby seeing someone smile alters your mood? How else does one understand those hours of silences where in you communicate the most? How else do you explain that drive to be good and work hard? How else do you explain that wish to make someone proud? How else…?

It is nothing but the belief in LOVE that would explain such happenings.  It is out of love that amidst all the Greed there still are events of ‘Giving’; amidst all those who lust for power, there still are those who willfully ‘Surrender’;  among all the chaos for control, humility still prevails.

This I believe is the magic…the magic of love! This belief in love is the doorway to many varied moments, love filled moments, magical moments, which alleviates me from my physical being.

And when I look back I only recall those moments. My mind forgets events, forgets occasions, but it fondly remembers these magical – love filled moments.

Never let go any chance of expressing your love, never let go the opportunity to create magic. Just Believe, and the price that you may have to pay will seem futile.

I believe in Magic. The Magic of Love.

“Life exists in moments, and these moments are what stays with you for your entire life”

PS : A few days back I was about to commit a mistake of ‘not doing’ what I wanted to do. I was about to hold back my expressions. But I am glad that my BELIEF was strong. I finally did express what I wanted to express, did it with all the love and joy! And what followed were some unimaginable moments. Moments wherein time and space almost evaporated, I got totally drawn into that wonderful moment of love. Added a few more to my collection of love-filled moments.




4 responses

5 06 2009
Nibha Jain

Good that you try to decode complexe human emotions and nature…It would be better if you give more examples for better understanding…

I beg to differ for the 1st para (though it is only a supporting thought for the post)… its not that, for an agonist or atheist everything starts from and ends to self…while this is true for many believers of GOD…

I think that love is greed only…it is love that results in hatered…no human being is free from it, whether s/he beleives or not… …it can be for a living or non-living thing (this is my view only…subjected to change )

5 06 2009

i havent provided examples as that would make the reader focus on the example, rather than putting in effort to activate his/her own imagination.

I may be faltering, but i guess i have painted a picture the way i had experienced.

appreciate your feedback. 🙂

10 06 2009

i udnerstand its your opinion that there are 2 type of ppl in world – believers and non-believers in God but well really? do u think only extremists are there?

I am not an atheist but i also dont believe in God to extreme – to me extreme is what you hv defined here: like everything starts and end wiht him.. no i am not that kind of believer

10 06 2009

Belief in GOD is only used as an analogy here. Secondly, it becomes easier to decipher an extreme… one may than apply it to his/her degree of extremity.

And Most importantly, the post is not on GOD…its about some mad n wierd moments that the Belief in Love might bring forth to you!!!!!

Await some MAGIC in life:)

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