Life, a Traffic Jam.

11 06 2009

We all have certain understanding or beliefs about LIFE. Our own Philosophies. The basis of our choice making. I have mine. Here is my take on LIFE.

Definition : The duration between two accidents, namely birth and death.

Do’s : Try and enrich the duration. I get my kicks from taking chances. Nothings really wrong.

Dont’s : Never try to secure the duration.

The Analogy :

One fine evening you heading home from work, having thought of reaching there in 20 minutes.ย  You end up in a traffic jam. Now consider this incident(accident) of you getting stuck in the jam as your BIRTH. The moment the Traffic gets cleared, lets consider that moment as DEATH. In between these two, you have life in your hands. Amidst the traffic, the chaos , the noise you got LIFE. The two immediate choices that one has are 1 – Keep waiting for the traffic jam to get clear and 2 – Start doing things that would make you forget that you are waiting.

Those who subscribe to choice 1 i.e those who wait for the traffic jam to get clear, this is what happens to them :

  • Wait in itself is excruciating.
  • These people end up being impatient.
  • They crib about their current state. They worry about being late.
  • They get frustrated with these unplanned thing happening to them.
  • They complain.
  • Each minute seems too long.
  • They are bored.
  • They think they are alone.
  • They think they are missing out on something while they are stuck.
  • At most what they will do is ‘honk’. They think that’s all they can do.
  • A few ‘intelligent’ ones would curse the unknown.
  • Theย  only thing that matters about this duration to them is “when will this end?”
  • when the traffic gets cleared and the movement starts again (death) they look at the watch, curse, honk and depart (exactly in that order!!!)

Now, lets look at what happens to the ones who choose the Second way, the other way, which is to start doing things that would make them forget that they are waiting.

  • Their first exclamation “Wow! what a jam!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ “
  • They will look around, observe the surroundings.
  • Based on their disposition they would involve themselves in some act. As in some one would increase the volume of stereo and enjoy the music. Someone like me would make a few calls and enjoy the chat. Someone might find an interesting face around to look at and fantasize. Someone might just close his/her eyes and day dream.ย  Some enterprising one might get out of the vehicle and involve him/herself in clearing the jam. Some chatter bug might just strike a conversation with the one besides him.
  • They keep smiling.
  • They are enjoying.
  • They are so relaxed.
  • They just never realise and by the time the traffic is cleared and the movement starts again(death); they look at the watch, smile, set their radio station and leave!
  • For them it was never about minutes, the entire duration was just one moment!

This is exactly what happens with LIFE. If you consider Life as a ‘duration’ then all your actions will be focused on securing that duration. The time that has gone can never come back and the time that is yet to come can never be secured, and while worrying about yesterday and tomorrow one forgets that TODAY exists. This inturn would lead to frustration, anxiety, insecurity and fear. And if you consider Life as an opportunity to ‘do things that you would want to’ than all your thoughts and actions will be focused on enriching every moment. Life as a whole would become one single moment.

As simple as that.

Just Live.

“I believe that if you are constantly doing what you are doing just because you are told to do or because of your fear of tomorrow or because of commitments and responsibilities you would have truly lost the whole purpose of being alive.” ~ RGV

PS : I belong to the second way, the other way of doing things. However I do find myself frustrated at times, but I manage to drag myself back. I enjoy my indulgences and derive my kicks from taking wild chances.




6 responses

11 06 2009

“Live each moment”: explained so wonderfully..i love the analogy
consider me a permanent subscriber to your blogs:)

12 06 2009

Birth is not an accident…Accident happens before birth!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well dats just a stupid joke…

nice imagination and analogy…completely true…
but sometimes it is not by choice….because the fact is that some people are not as blessed by God as some others….Isn’t it?

12 06 2009

well nibha, most of the world is running around to live that stupid joke or yours ๐Ÿ˜›

responding to your question : i really dont think one needs some blessing to do what one wants to do. And why are you so worried about others, just ask yourself the question, “DO YOU NEED BLESSINGS TO LIVE THE WAY YOU WANT TO? DO YOU?”

i suggest you go through the last two blog entries on ram gopals blog

12 06 2009

I think i’m very blessed, infact far more blessed than many people in this world and therefore there is no point in asking for more and not being happy…second way that you are telling is preferable to me also…

i only meant to say that this thought of yours can not generalized…there are people living in so much pain that they don’t have these two choices that you are talking about…they may try to follow the 2nd way but then they have no other option but to return back to first way…think about a person who has no food and no shelter…if such a person is not happy than it is justifiable…

12 06 2009

How do you know that a person without food and shelter is not happy?????

In that case everyone with food and shelter should be happy!!!!! but they arent!!!

the point is not about what you have got, its more about what best you can do with whatever you have got!!

and there are a lot who are happy without food and shelter, you might just like to check it out!!!!

15 06 2009

i don’t really understand…i agree that they are a number of people who remain unhappy without any gr8 reasons..i don’t really sympathize with them…but i meet several people who are in real pains due to several reasons…i’m not courageous enough to tell them to remain happy, because when i think of standing at their place, i feel terrible…for me it is not as simple as you are saying…

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