Pigeon in my mind.

25 03 2010

Been long since I am posting. What have I been up to? Well, the answer is absolutely nothing.

Had been entangled in dilemmas. Unorganized to the core. A lot of new experiences are generating a lot of new emotions. Never been so conscious of my existence. Stuck up in duality. Unaware as to when I am faking and when I am not. The line between real and unreal is blurred.

A constant faze clouding my mind..a continuous flutter of thoughts in my mind…as if there’s a PIGEON IN MY MIND.

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3 responses

28 03 2010

Really?.. Is that the state of your mind?
And why “sorry” so many times.. who is that sorry going to?

29 03 2010

nitu, do not analyze this so personally. Having said that if its me writing, it has to be the expressions of thoughts and experiences of my own.
“Sorry” here goes to all those who find negativity in such expressions of a numbed heart. Many a times people fake happiness and exhibit empty smiles just for the reason that it is acceptable and ‘looks good’. There is a guilt attached in being sorrowful and so most of the times we avoid expressing that state even to the most trusted and closest ones. (In the world we see so many events of desperate measures like violence, suicides, being fugitives etc. All of these are manifestations of that held back ‘state of mind’.)
Here in this piece of expression I am putting across such a state of mind. And to respond to the discomfort that if may generate, I have used the term SORRY.

28 03 2010

i love the way you have put the state of mind 2gether and called it “pigeon in my mind” but its sad to know if thats really the state.

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