in the name of GOD.

25 01 2011

Filth, dirt, sewage, chaos and disorderliness; dolls, statues, clothes, ornaments and pitambar; pundits, thugs, cheats and believers ; kachoriz samosa, lassi, paida and Prasad; mobs, pollution, temples, beggers and donors ~ it all mixes and merges in the name of GOD.

Mathura, supposedly the birth place of Lord Krishna; Gokul supposedly the child home of the same Lord and Vrindavan which is believed to be the playfield of the Lord. It has a history of about 3000 years, a belief of more than a billion people – the euphemistic residual of the lord remains in this geography called Mathura.

‘Krishna’ is a metaphorical expression of an individual’s quest to gain control over his sensory perceptions through a three pronged strategy of Knowledge(gyan marg), Faith(bhakti marg)and Positive Action(karma marg). But what remains today in the name of GOD are about 5500 small and big temples, a couple of generations of ignorant story tellers (brijwasi’s) and hordes of believers who believe that the ‘ritual’ is the only way for realization of GOD; with no respect whatsoever for peace, serenity and meditation.

No wonder the GOD that resides in temples is occupied most of the day in changing attire and taking naps!

Our exploration of the town left us bewildered. Not that we expected something different, but witnessing the people and places and rituals was one of the most un-soothing amusement that we have ever had.

As we explored the belief and chaos of Mathura , the time warped nature of Gokul and plagued rituals of Vrindavan our minds got filled with an unusual delight These towns are neither what they should be nor are they what they used to be in its actual glory days. These towns seems to be warped in a time zone, worthlessly trying to come to terms with changing times.

All of these remains enclosed amidst the walls and lanes of these besotted towns. The lens wandered freely through those many Walls and By lanes. Walls that store a time in between them, Walls that stop the peoples mind to outgrow their beliefs, Walls that enclose and Walls that discriminates, Walls that are broken as well as Walls that still remain. Lanes that lead to these walls; lanes that surround these walls; lanes that pass by remnants of history – these Walls and Lanes are what the camera has attempted to capture.


by mi,lap.

An audio-visual presentation.




2 responses

16 02 2011

Impressed with your writing and take on what you and P captured 🙂
so, is visiting such mythological places, experiencing the chaos…is one the ways to salvation? (as opted by many..)

16 02 2011

thanks nitu.

the visitors or ‘pilgrims’ you are referring to aint visitin it for salvation actually. they are merely visiting either out of a ritual, out of some un understood belief or something similar, but definately not ‘salvation’.

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