food for thought.

11 01 2013

During last holidays I paid a visit to my teacher. He is a wise ol’ man who loves his students. As we were talking about various things, out of my concern, I diverted the talk on his physical health and fitness.

I tried to advise him to take care of his health and get into a disciplined food intake. To try and convince him I quoted my own experiments with naturpathy and how it had helped me regain my fitness post turning 30. To be honest, I was trying to show to my teacher that I have turned wise.

For a few moments he let me speak. Finally as I ended my ‘wise talk’ , he spoke…

“Yes, I agree that I am not disciplined in what food I intake. May be I am not as frugal as you when it comes to eating.” He took a pause, his eyes fixed on mine, he asked me, “look around.” The room was filled with books, hundreds of them, across genres. In fact the place smelled of books. I almost realized my folly. I could fathom what he was going to say. He continues, “Look around, I am so disciplined in the thoughts that I intake, I am principled in consuming only that which I deem fit for my mind. I do not succumb to watching mindless TV nor waste my energy on every page of newspaper. I take care of what I should learn. And along side I take some decent care of my health too, and so by every logic I  am  better off than you – who only takes care of food intake and is blinded to the necessity of  thoughts intake.”

By the time he ended the sentence, my eyes had dropped down. I could not see into his eyes any more. He concluded,

“In all probability you will lose the immunity of both your mind as well as your body, by the time you reach my age.”

The final lines that has had a great impact on me are,

“I would have appreciated if you would have had a holistic approach on your health, on your idea of ‘disciplined’ intake, but your current attitude concerns me”, with this he ended.