Fan Mail to Devdutt Pattanaik

9 10 2013

Respected Sir,

I have been following your articles, blogs and quite a few books since last 3 years now. And it is having a profound impact on me as an individual. From what i could analyse myself, i think the qualities and empathy and sensitivity have increased substantially in me.

Along side the way I see/perceive mythology and everyday rituals have gone through a complete change. In that sense I credit you in instilling belief in me. We may not know what is the ‘correct’ way, and that is actually not the idea; but having a belief system is a mandatory anchor for a content life.

Being born in a Jain family a lot of Jain traditions and rituals have always intrigued me; I read and enriched myself about some of them, but mostly I was indifferent. But over time I am able to form better response to those rituals. Not just myself I also am able to help family and some friends in comprehending the same and making them aware of their indifference. This aspect is having a very positive impact on my character.

I have interacted with you earleir too, over your blog on here on fb or on mails; but today I write particularly to thank you for the role you are playing in the TV series Mahabharata. I have studied Jaya, but going through it visually, with Krishna as the ‘sutradhar’ or ‘summariser’…is a wonderful and enriching experience.

I see how wonderfully it is engaging a lot of my friends, family and colleagues in a positive manner. I have witnessed some other mythology series being turned into soap operaish narratives. Frankly when Mahabharata was announced i was skeptical about the same effect. But the result is pleasantly different. And i see a lot of your perceptions being presented both in dialogues and in what Krishna discusses every day.

Along with the entire team of the series, and specifically you, I take this opportunity to thank you for bringing such wisdom on Television.

I am hopeful of this having a positive impact on the societal mindset at large.






2 responses

29 10 2013
Aseem Seth (@aseems)

Hope you’ve seen DKDM?

30 10 2013

no.. aint following any other mythology based tv series

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