Kadach.Shayad.Maybe – A soliloquy of despair : announcing the bilingual music video created for the World Without Rape Initiative.

14 01 2015

kadach poster2

My Dearest well wisher,

It is said that pain is the seed from which empathy germinates. Two years ago, the day after the ‘nirbhaya’ incident I read the description of it in the newspaper. It was appalling to even read through and I felt an immense pain within me. For many days my tears would not stop. That pain came out through me in the form of a poem. Encouraged by my teachers and friends, and good faith as my intent, I decide to make an attempt to reach out to you all with that poem.

It was impossible for me to digest the fact that in today’s time, the pride of all – 21st century- there still is a reality where a person can inflict unbearable violence upon other person. We all are aware about the presence and magnitude of such events in our society, but on that day I felt an empathy towards that pain. I am aware that neither will I be able to experience or know even a hint of that pain, which she had to go through, and I pray that no being has to go through it ever, having said that I feel it is important for us as a society to connect with this pain and develop sensitivity towards this reality.

Kadach. Shayad (Maybe) – a soliloquy of despair, is the cry of a victimized woman. If she were able to express, would she express anger or despair? ‘Kadach.Shayad’ is the expression of that despair. ‘Kadach.Shayad’ is asking  men to remember that he is nothing but a sum total of contributions that all the women in his life have made.

The shameful fact of the world is, that while a man victimizes a woman, he forgets that every contribution, he is unable to view the forms of mother, sister, friend, lover or daughter in every woman. The attempt to culminate this pain, despair and sorrow in the form of music, poetry and visuals is – ‘Kadach.Shayad’ (Maybe)

We hope that this attempt in creativity is able to sensitize the men and society at large and that a seed of empathy gets sowed in our collective minds, so as to be able to dream a dream where there is no violence, a dream of a World Without Rape.

Uttarayan essentially means movement, that brings in a change in earths position with respect to sun, in the cosmos. Starting now, for the next 6 months the earths tilt shall bring it closer to the sun. This is the time for new beginnings, it is time to aspire for and work towards a better world for us and for generations to come.

With a hope that, in my life time, I be able to see a world without rape, as an artist, this music video is my small contribution towards that aspiration.

This creation was made possible due to the contributions of some amazing and well-intended individuals that I met while on course. Today, at the point of Sankranti (19.34.43 IST 14th January, 2015) I make this offering to the world.

If our work touches your heart, than make an attempt to join other hearts with this message of sensitivity. Our only expectation is that our work becomes a medium to share and spread the message of sensitivity.

Yours and everyones,

Mihir Gajrawala

Below links shall take you to the video.

‘Kadach’ (Gujarati Version) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsCE1HWYGEM

‘Shayad’ (HIndi Version) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbfEqH71FTw

Read this blog in Gujarati : https://mihirgajrawala.com/2015/01/14/kadach-shayad-maybe-a-soliloquy-of-despair-announcing-the-music-video/

Read this blog in Hindi : https://mihirgajrawala.com/2015/01/14/kadach-shayad-maybe-a-soliloquy-of-despair-announcing-the-bilingual-music-video/




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