Joy of Receiving 

22 10 2015

Somehow we have come to belive that the greatest act is the ‘act of giving’. We celebrate and glorify such ‘acts’, we legislate such ‘acts’ … We create modern fests like ‘joy of giving’. 

All that we have is a gathering of – food, air, sun & memory. Every bit of that which we ‘have’ has come to us. Meaning we are ‘giving’ that which we have merely gathered. Given this reality, isn’t it obscene to celebrate our ‘acts of giving’; coz what we can give away, of whatever magnitude, will always be miniscule in comparison to the receipts. 
We are fortunate that in this culture, in India , we have festivals n rituals that remind us of the above fact. And prompts us to show gratefulness and reverance towards all that one is receiving. A human being is a sum total of receipts from cosmos. And today, on #Vijayadashmi we celebrate the Receipts. A day that asks us to experience the JOY OF RECEIVING. 
And hence in this culture, we decorate and bow down, even to the inanimate tools and objects that contribute towards our life. Farmers worship farm tools, an entrepreneur worships the machines, an armyman worships his weaponry so on and so forth. The sheer joy of receiving. 
We should also not forget that the ultimate machine we have is the body and mind; lets celebrate and feel the JOY OF RECEIVING.
Now if we are receiving, some source is giving. And that source is existence itself. And so if we humans are a piece of existence than ‘giving’ has to be looked at as our nature and not as an ‘act’ to perform. The realisation of the immensity of receipts when leads to ‘giving’ , it ceases to be an ‘act’ and starts becoming your nature. That is the ultimate. 
Existence doesnt take ‘pride’ when it ‘gives’ us air to breathe; it just gives, its her nature. And thats how we should be. 
#dussera #vijayadashmi #gyanparab #bharat




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