You live more, if you experience more, and you experience more if you experiment more” ~ me

Thoughts, Ideas, Issues, Incidents, Events, News, Views, Stories and many such things keep attracting my senses and end up filling my mind.   They hover around in my head, which result into wierd imaginations, mindless fantasies and mad mood swings. These are so varied in its subject matter which in my opinion is very difficult for the other person to comprehend. So i keep most of it to myself. And display a particular variety to a particular group of people or individual.

What i am saying here is I might be introvert for some and at the same time i am extrovert for many. I might be useless to many but an asset to a few.  Creative for some and boring for few. There are a MANY ME.

This blog will showcase those various ‘me’ by the medium of my writing outbursts. All of you with a Mc. Veggie like broad mindset and APPLE  like experimental attitude should browse through. Rest all, wander elsewhere.

From romance to religion, from politics to porn, from chana jor to popcorn, from entrepreneurship to entertainment, from movies to people, from books to bed, from  sex to spirituality, from hedonism to nihilism, from abstract to perfect, from philosophy to economics, from art to accountancy, from nature to architecture and from Gandhi to Nietzsche……..my mind is full of chaos.


One must have chaos inside oneself to give birth to a dancing star. ~ Nietzsche


7 responses

24 04 2009

glad to know aloud tht me not alone experiencing “chaos inside myself”

25 04 2009

Nice !!… I know most of your Many Me’s 🙂 and more which are to come.

Looks like you have been reading Thus Spake Zaruthustra and Antichrist (nihilism 😉 )…. I have started and tried reading it…among many other things I start and leave on the shelf…

later !!

27 04 2009

bullseye buddy……THUS SPAKE ZARUTHUSTRA is the object of my attention this days…..n u ritely said…one has to ‘try’ to read it….

25 04 2009

Each day i am trying to figure out ur many ME’s

The journey of exploration into ur world of ME’s has just started and i m sure its gonna be a beautiful one

Keep experimenting … and keep experiencing 🙂

love, palak

26 04 2009

Arre yaar…Many Me sounds like “Ravan”…hahaha…but i liked that term-Many Me. 🙂 It defines ur character to the core.

7 10 2009

hey…dat was cool…cant comment on your “me” much…cause the only “you” i know is the one who belonged to the pest world! well, wud like to know the other side of u too…cheers!

7 10 2009

thanks vishakha 😛

keep visiting the blog for the other side/s!!!!!

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