Krishnaverse #2

29 05 2014

Student : Sir, I understand the attitude of ‘giving more’ or ‘keep doing the new’ or ‘keep contributing’, whatever way we may put it. And to an extent these attitudes does open up various faculties of an individual’s persona and help him expand. But I feel, the flip side of this attitude is, sometime, even after doing a lot, if it has not transformed into economies or if the given activity has not yielded any tangible uplift than, one feels frustrated. For example a young dynamic chap who is jumpy in his career direction, may find himself nowhere in spite of putting in years of work experience and in spite of dozens of so called ‘contributing’ efforts. At such a point one feels a loss of direction; one feels ones heading nowhere and so stays dissatisfied?

Sir : Not necessarily! Not necessary that one would become dissatisfied.
What could happen with positively inclined people is – in given settings just see what best you can create, or offer. Sometimes, what happens in industrial lines, or in certain types of actions, that we think we are good at; and therefore we want to be in that only and consider that as direction or focus. But it doesn’t have to be that ways. Responding to the given environment with the potential we are, is important, more important. And that might sometimes deprive us from those lines of expertise or direction. The so called directed movement sometimes you may have to fore go, you might be denied those things because in the given environment those things may not have any place.

Suppose you are a good painter and in given environment there is no scope for expressing your painting skill, but still you are a potential. Can u respond to that environment where there is no scope for painting, painting as we understand? Well, it cud be a simple talk on the surrealist trends, painting can also be talked out, or a painting could simply be lived. It doesn’t have to be necessarily and every time an expression that is known to us only. We know the expression of painting in a certain form, and that only doesn’t have to be a manifestation of our talent. It could be in other ways, sometimes even in ways which we cannot imagine right now. That’s where innovation takes place, that’s where new things come up, creation comes up, that’s how world goes ahead. Whatever technological manifestation we see these days you wouldn’t have imagined that a couple of centuries ago, but than how did it all came into being? That is what the ‘non-wastage’ of potential I am referring to.

Secondly, dissatisfaction with the way we are living and the way we have lived in past so many years or so many seasons, is fine. This is what our restlessness is- You got to be restless about status quo so that you will create new things. Only if you are restless about the status quo about the given things you will be able to create something new, isn’t it?
So to that extent restlessness, yes, it is required. It is at the core of innovation, at the core of creativity. But if restlessness is because of dissatisfaction then it is a tricky issue.

“We are restless not because we are dissatisfied; we are restless because though we are satisfied, at that point of time the potential is not being used. We are satisfied, so we are restless not because of the dissatisfaction or otherwise, we are restless because the potential is lying idle, it’s not being put to use and that’s why we are restless. I can do something more…I can chew a little more….and therefore I do not consider these two as synonyms, dissatisfaction and restlessness.”

Understand the secret of success is satisfaction. You got to be satisfied if you want to take a successful step forward, dissatisfaction would not lead us there. I wouldn’t confuse our thought process by putting them as synonyms. You might have to look at it that way.


Some definitions.

23 06 2009

Over last 3 decades,  life has played a hell lot of games with me. Let me tell you I have had a ball(mostly :P)  In hindsight many things seem unreal, rather it seems as if it were all a dream. But from all of the experiences that I went through, and still going through, all the things that I did, all the things that  I was made to do, all that I resisted and all that I could never resist, all that is known about me and from all that is not known – all of these combine to create someone called ME. And its a continuum. Unending. Like a potters wheel. One may never know what the final shape of the pot will be, until the wheel stops. Similarly, I believe that, until the wheel of life stops, there won’t be any status quo.

Based on what I have absorbed, here are some definitions (as of now) on a few things of life.  My choice making is based on these definitions or perceptions, whatever sounds better, of mine. And they are ever changing.

Here they are :

Life :  The duration between two accidents namely, Birth and Death.

Love: Absolute indulgence.

Hatred : Stupid indulgence.

God : Mankind’s greatest invention.

Dreams : “Dreams are what you never can become.” and “Dream is an sms from you to you.”

Luck : “Its that something which gets you through when you didn’t expect to; and when  its absent it wont let you through even though you are all sure n prepared!”

Society : A camouflage. Every one finds their own suitable hide out and then stay put.

Marriage : A societal arrangement, to bind the two genders of homo sapiens, and throw them in a maze of unending triviality, a trivia of purposes, fears, hopes and insecurities.

If absent, it can completely shatter the societal structure. Because that would lead to sans the purpose of most men/women’s life.

The way to rise above the walls of this maze is to find  a strong purpose for oneself.

( will write a piece on this some time)

Prayer : A means to experience surreal.

Morals : Man made hurdles. Winner is the one who use them to his/her advantage.

Crime : A signal that after all we are all animals.

Innovation : eg. Snooze…the greatest innovation.

Patriotism : Forced religion.

Tears : The response of the body when one is able to stretch out of one’s own inhibitions. This state is mostly momentary.

Goodness : Just another vocation.

Greatness : Crossing the expectations of  the people around.

History : Manufactured truth.

Truth : What you believe in is what you consider to be true.

PS : Those who liked the definitions don’t be too happy, and those who didn’t like them, don’t be too furious. Coz by the time we bump into each other, most of it might just have changed!!!! (potters wheel, remember :P)