Guru’s position – a disciple’s perspective.

5 09 2014

Prologue : A teacher is one who wants to teach you, a ‘Guru’ is one who makes you learn. A students idea is ‘to be’, whereas a disciple (shishya) is the one who wants ‘to become’. In other words a student is looking for change while a disciple is aspiring to transform.

Whatever I say is with this context in mind.


Many years back, must be my secondary school days, if i remember it well, around my wonder years,  back in time when I was studying in 8th or 9th grade, I happened to read a story. This story has had a lasting impact on my thought process. I do not clearly remember that story and its context, but it is this one scene from the story which has stayed with me and shaped my understanding. It goes like this.

A young disciple, completely devoted to his guru, was someone who was committed to follow on the path shown by his guru. He had this habit of always going to his guru whenever in some critical decision making situation. And the Guru would readily guide him out during each such instance; in the process the guru would enlighten the disciple. One fine day, in a similar situation as the disciple reaches out to his Guru, the Guru doesn’t offer him any guidance. The disciple is astonished and couldn’t believe this fact. The Guru sends him back by saying “Son, I have given you enough, I leave you now to imbibe all of that, find your own path, and make your own experiences. Its time you take your decisions without me.”

Now this incident from the story found its way deep within myself. Over different periods of my existence this story has provided me different lessons. It started with me believing that a ‘guru’ can only take one this far. One cannot have a guide to eternity. At some later stages i realized the importance of ‘swadhyay’ or ‘learning by self’. Further ahead I understood that it will all be fruitless if one does not learn to take his/her own decisions.

Over many summers of my existence I was fortunate to come across many learned people and many loving teachers. It was quite later in my young life that i discovered a ‘Guru’. It was destined for me to get my greatest lessons from this one person. However the above story was always a part of me, and hence in spite of total surrender I never actually became dependent. That infinite love and reverence can thrive and still one remains boundless was a unique experience and a learning for me. Secondly I knew that the physical proximity and one-to-one transfer of knowledge with the ‘Guru’ can only happen till a limited period of time. This understanding fueled my urge to learn and make the most of those transactions. Many individuals close to me, around that period, sensed a transformation in me, they sensed an urgency in me; I could not explain it to them, than, but deep down i knew that i need to build myself to a level from where I can be on my own. Also I never wanted to come to a point, like the boy in that story had to, where my Guru feels that his disciple has not learned to be on his own.

Many Guru – Disciple relations end in agony and bitterness or in sheer blinded dependence. The crux of this eventuality is the non-realization of the fact that – a guru can only take you this far. With this dawned another important learning from that story and a whole new dimension of learning opened up for me. A disciple is the one who is aspiring to move to a higher destination, in every which way. A ‘guru’ is the form who takes the disciple to that destination. However if one remains focused on the destination and not the form, than ‘guru’ dissolves his form and becomes a part of your being. Somewhere within you the ‘guru’ is installed, and without any one-to-one interaction the transaction continues. Whenever in doubts or in crisis  I am able to talk with my ‘guru’ without even talking with him. In certain extraordinary situations i would have resorted to the one-to-one interactions, but largely I have come this far with the help of the ‘guru’ within. Many times while I ponder on all that I have received from my ‘guru’, I end up tearful. The enormity of the receipt is so huge that all the ego inside me is pushed out by way of tears.

And so I learn that the ‘guru’ in the story while denying his disciple the guidance, has actually given him the greatest lesson anyone can learn. That ‘without’ can be turned into ‘within’.

This has been my experience since a decade now, whereby the ‘Guru’ has found a position ‘within’. In his distinct  style he had shared something, which for me is the articulation of the above learning. He said to a few of us, “I do not want you to be learned, I want you to be learners’.

In whatever limited capacity, with pride, I can tell myself, that I have not stopped learning and I know, the ‘Guru’ within would not let me decay ever.


‘Happy’ Birthday to me? – not yet!

4 06 2010

“I truly believe that Teaching and Medicine are the noblest of vocations, among all. And they should remain like that. Any institute or individual who takes up these vocations for greed or any other motive other than teaching and curing will only dilute its true delivery. I am a teacher and I would never be my student’s consultant.”

That’s how Dr. KVSM Krishna, my teacher and Course Director responded when I generally queried about his view and interest in associating himself with the ‘so-called’ A-Listed business schools around.

Back in 2000-2001, when I did my PG at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Dr. Krishna was then the Course Director and our teacher for Economics and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. But for me he turned out to be my Teacher for Life. Innumerable lessons on Life and Self Awareness that were bestowed upon me by him. All of these occurred during those hundreds of hours of class room talks as well as countless after class room discussions that happened in his office. Even after the course completion, till date I have the privilege of being blessed with his teachings through various e-mail and phone conversations; though he has been moving to different geographical locations we managed quite a few meetings over the last decade. Each and every of this interaction, be it a casual 5 minute call, he has never left without giving – giving to his student pearls of wisdom from his vast ocean of knowledge.

I credit all my successes to HIM and I accept all my shortcomings as my inability to understand and/or follow his teachings.

His understanding of things is very in depth and focused. His teachings sound simple but takes a lot to understand and comprehend its true meaning. He comes across as a grumpy ol’ chap; but a true student will see a TEACHER in every cell of him. His dedication and commitment towards his students is unparalleled and he would stretch himself to newer limits to touch and teach his students.

As our course started off, it didn’t take me much time to bond with him. The lessons had started flowing and soon, over a year – an introvert, shy, low on confidence, hyper anxious and clouded youngster who could barely understand his self and the world around, some one who had no drive and no ambition – turned into STUDENT OF THE YEAR, scored maximum in almost all subjects and most importantly gained confidence to embark upon an enterprising journey. All of this happened because of an intervention called Dr. Krishna.

At every point, smallest of issue to biggest of resistances that I would have discussed with him, each and every time he has come across as a Teacher to me; and that has helped survive the student in me. His strongest impact on me has been in making me realize the value of “LEARN TILL YOUR LAST MOMENT”.

He would tell us “I want you all to be LEARNERS and not become LEARNED”

The lessons were just not limited to economics or entrepreneurship. We would have talked and discussed almost every subject on this planet. From human development to spirituality; from inter gender dynamics to family businesses; from poverty alleviation to self development; from marriages to education system every topic was put across in a light so as to understand its significance. Most importantly, over all this years, till date his sole effort through every talk is to make his student know and realize his latent potential.

This belief – a strong and honest belief of my teacher in me forms the seed of my awareness; forms the basis of my understanding of me, it powers my vision of life and energizes my every attempt of developing myself. My thought processes and cognitive mechanisms have evolved from the seed of knowledge that he had sowed.

I attained the form of flesh and blood in 1979, whereas I derived my mind in 2000. My teacher gave me REBIRTH.

I feel that I am no way near in being a worthy student. If his teachings manifest themselves in my doings and I truly embody all that I am learning only then will I feel happy and contended.

Many Birthday’s have since gone by, it really doesn’t matter to me; but it is the ‘Rebirth day’ that holds greater significance to me. And I Endeavour to give myself a HAPPY RE BIRTH DAY – the day I shall be contended, the day I feel a sense of pride, the day I feel worthy, not in anyone else’s eye, but in my own assessment.

That day, I shall wish myself a Happy (re)Birth day!

PS : I have always debated with Dr. Krishna about attempting to publish his thoughts or atleast to blog so that a large number of ‘students’ be touched. However he remains so involved with the students around him that he hardly thinks of documenting himself. On this birthday of mine I initiate this segment on my blog in which I shall attempt to present the various talks that I had with him. It’s going to be a task to put various chats that I have had with him over varied contexts in the most correct manner. I take it up with a hope of letting more STUDENTS reach to a true TEACHER.

I wish to die, NOW.

19 05 2010

Some recent talks and incidents around me :

  • A gentleman in his mid fifties; goes merrily to the park for his every day routine morning walk. While in his routine, some unknown thing happens inside his heart; the medical terminology terms it as a heart stroke.  He passes away. All that he might have planned to do on that day after the walk remains undone.
  • A young lad, barely 21 graduates and receives his engineering degree. A hint of relaxation coupled with a whiff of anxiety; dreaming about his future he returns to his native. The chap loved biking. It was the 3rd day after his graduation and his mind must have been filled with  lots of plans as to what choice of job and/or further education would ensure him a secure future. Like any routine evening he sets off on his bike to roam around. His bike hits a passing car, he skids, hits the road and some thing unknown happens inside his skull; the medical terminology terms it as a severe hemorrhage and skull fracture. He does not survive to reach hospital. All his faint thoughts and loose plans about his ‘tomorrow’ remains undone.
  • An elderly lady, an octogenarian , lives with her son and his family. Reasonably healthy she passes on each day performing the basics that the body requires. A very secured life she has. All possible eventualities (mostly) can be taken care by her son. She does not have much to look forward too. There is nothing left for her to hope. All that routine hopes of  ‘seeing your grand children and great grand children’ are also satisfied. Her days go by and she awaits…
  • A couple, in their early sixties. Childless, they live on their own. Economic struggles over past one- one and half decade have taken the gleam out of their eyes. They have  in their banks a sum lying which is taking care of their survival. However to secure the eventualities that might confront them; which is quite plausible; they live frugally. The intelligence of planning for security is making them save their capital. Eventually when they would not be mortal the beneficiaries would be the ones who have no great connection with them. The couple however are feeling reasonably secured today.
  • He’s in his early thirties. Started his employment career pretty early in life. Tried his hand in all sorts of employment options, but almost every now and them he finds himself jobless. What has he earned over these years? – dunno; but he lost something precious over these years of ensuring-employment-planning. That precious something is his passion and skill for music. Even the tangible remains of his passion viz. the equipment does not exist any more. He’s still searching for that breakthrough employment that shall secure the rest of his life.

These are not one-off or rare examples. Millions exist who fall close  to either of this situations. The point I am trying to make is “Are we living for something?” or we just “Dying for nothing?” To make it more narrower “Are we living or dying?”

I believe that Life is the duration between two accidents namely Birth and Death. If that is the case, there is no way anyone can secure / control this duration. It is absolutely out of bounds. If the first accident namely Birth has occurred it is a mandate that the second accident namely Death has to occur. That is it. But no one that I know (including my own self) want to believe this simple fact. And hence may be this entire cycle of securing and fear fullness occurs. We are out to secure something which is impossible and we know that, and hence we are in constant fear. And we double that fear by making hectic choices ,which generally speaking, take care of our insecurity. Short lived that they are, to keep us in a continuous and unending struggle towards death.

You go to school to find a decent employment. You take up a job to settle down and marry. You marry to secure your need for companionship in later years. You have kids so that you have someone to inherit your crap. You retire because you have collected enough money by now. And now you wait for life to end because maybe now the world around considers you useless. The society has made a template; and we all download this template into our lives and rut accordingly. And so most people alive are already dead!

Why can’t one go to school just to study and learn? Why can’t one take up a job that s/he’s good at or simply enjoys doing it? Why can’t one find companionship without marriage? Why can’t one have kids if they really wish to rear a life, otherwise don’t? Why do you have to leave stuff for someone to inherit? Why the hell should anyone retire ? If retirement is all one was waiting for , why the hell were they working for all these years? Why is it that we equate our worth to the money we are generating or have already generated?

The moment one becomes conscious of his/her existence the only choice s/he makes is to secure/control tomorrow. In spite of being witness to thousands of incidents where a dying person has left all his/her plans undone, we simply reject that reality. In our entire lifetimes we hardly have even a day when we can pronounce boldly that THIS IS HOW I WOULD BE IF TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF MY LIFE.

WHY so?

The only reason I could see is we are all so fearful of END. The manner in which we are programmed we are made to feel that END is bad.Fear it.  And so dumb we are, that out of the fear of END we hardly ever begin. We never begin to LEARN!(all we want is a degree) We never really pursue a hobby?(all we want is a job)We never really fall in love? (marriage is available) We never really begin a venture we believe in?(failures are not acceptable) and WE NEVER REALLY BEGIN TO LIVE! ( as death is always around the corner)

I wish to die now! Die not to end, but to begin. Die in order to live and not just survive. Die with fear so as to live without any fear. Instead of dying every moment until death, Die now!. Die now so as to awaken to life. A life full of love and passion, a life where I work to ‘do’ something and not to ‘become’ something, a life to find myself, a life to know myself, a life just to live.

For this, I wish to die, NOW.

Quotable Quotes #2

26 10 2009

Adding some more to the earlier list……

Phrases, sentences, quotes….words that express my attitude towards love and life.

Love when makes u give up on your  sensory expectations becomes a SURRENDER; whereas when love begins to control your senses it becomes an INDULGENCE!

When u ask for yourself it is a favour, and wen u ask for those whom you love it becomes a prayer!

The amount of tears wiped by the smiles is the true measure of a relationship!

I enjoy fantasy. The one problem with fantasy is I can never really take u along. In that regard I don’t really need you to reach there.

Time n distance are highly perceptive, the real thing is the feeling and emotion!

Every laugh is not a medicine!!!

One has to travel that distance to realise that it was just a mirage!!!

You will feel stuck up only when you trying to move; whenever u feel stuck don’t panic, rather enjoy d fact that you are moving on!

I am a mere reflection of the many selves that I meet and interact with! I AM NOT WAT I AM!

The thing worse than being hated, is to prove that u love.

Lies are accepted, truth is doubted!

Life is mandatory while living  is voluntary. You can always decide whether to smile or to crib!

Acceptance is the stepping stone to tranquility…..goddamn I can’t accept my own statement too

The fear is not of the unknown that is going to come, rather the fear is of the fear that the known is going to go!

Have you ever wondered that most, if not all, means of our happiness, knowingly or unknowingly, are at someone’s cost.

The problems like sunray pass through your dewdrop like smile and form a rainbow in a rather placid sky like me!!!!

Every creation/new realisatn is preceded by pain…n m in pain!!!

Earlier-“a person is known by the s/he keeps”; now – “a person is known by the brand s/he wears”

A relation is like a car : gear changes, speed alters, one or both the passengers can get off, leave d car and jus walk away, push it off the cliff, maintain it, service it to keep it running smoothly; there is  just one big difference UNLIKE A CAR A RELATION DOESN’T HAVE REVERSE GEAR!!!

Truth is Wat i feel! My behavior is a natural manifestation of my feelings! The manifestations/expressions may be likely or unlikely to the one they get manifested upon! All I want to say is know what’s true!

Guilt is a psychological aberration that ensures conformity.

Anything created by heart will always be loved and all the changes that occur in the world will accommodate it; whereas not following your heart will only produce shit, and it will always be discarded!

The only way to know the truth is to lie

Ironies of life

#1 – In order to reach farther, we miss out on whats closer.

# 2 : We don’t value what we have, we tend to value only what we don’t have.

# 3 : We stand up for national anthem, but we cheat on paying taxes; whereas we spend a fortune on education, but never stand up for our teachers!!!!! (happy teachers day!)

#4 – We always choose illusion over reality,irony is we do not know which is which!

Wanting to be with someone is love, not being with that someone is life, while being with someone in spite of not wanting to is reality!

Soulmate – as i see

24 09 2009
u + me

u = me

There is something about this term which has always intrigued me. It is definitely a very romantic and dramatic kind of a term, used generally to denote intimate relationships. The subjectivity of the term makes it almost impossible to develop any specific definition of the term. Having said that the term is widely used in popular literature and also by people to express their love.

Like any other human I too have my share of beautiful intimate relations. But never could I figure out where to fit in the term ‘soulmate’.

For some reason I have been in a mode of introspection since past couple of days.  Today, also happens to be my mom’s 60th birthday. All of these lead me to a whole gamut of thoughts. Two very striking instances of my early childhood mildly surfaced over my anxious mind.

#1 Very faint visuals of this incidence exist in my mind. I must not be more than 10.  Must be in my 3rd or 4th grade. My schedule of those days was – leave for school in the school rickshaw at around 11 and to return at half past 5 in the evening. Now, it had so happened that I was so very used to the fact that whenever I reach home back, my mom has to be there to greet me. To an extent that I had made it compulsory for her. Even if she had some work some errands to run, she had to be at home when I arrive. I would not buy any damn reason for her to be not there when I come back home. She always obliged; except once.

One fine day, as I reach home, I didn’t see her at home. Must have been some unmanageable work, but that didn’t concern me. Not having her to greet me was enough to make me go in an outburst. I shouted,  I cried like mad, I wouldn’t listen to my ba, did not drink my evening ka milk(a routine I loved)…. I ran around the whole house…threw every arranged thing awry…cushions, diaries, spoons…whatever I could lay my hands on I just threw all of it around. Nothing could contain me.(mind you I was a pretty calm and shy kind of a kid. Not the short tempered naughty one, so this wasn’t any ways near to my normal behaviour) I would not even take out my shoes with her not around. At the end of my outburst when all my energy was drained I climbed atop a cabinet. The cabinet was in front of our apartment door. I could see whoever entered, but the person entering would have to strain his/her neck to see atop. Inshort that was my hide out. And I sat there waiting for my mom to come and search for me. Wanting her to go through that wait to see me. I kept crying.

All of this lasted for about an hour; that is when my mom returned home. She immediately inquired about me; ba already gives her a gist of all that had happened. She finds me. I get angry at her and cry a lot. She promises to never do this again. As far as I remember or until it mattered to me, this never occurred again.

#2 This is a few years later. I must be in my teen. The early teen period. By now I has started going to school on my bicycle. The schedule was same. I left home every day at 11.15am. I was a bit grown up now. I could go and come on my own; is what I had started believing. In those days going to school was the only routine pursuit, and I had come to a stage when I managed the logistics of it on my own. However there was this new compulsory thing that had developed.

Our block was at the end of the entire compound of the society.  From the front balcony of our apartment, the entire compound and the gates of the society were visible. Now everyday as I leave on my bicycle, it was mandatory for my mom to stand in the balcony and wave at me until I go out-of-her sight. I used to literally check it many a times by coming back to see if she’s still standing there. So she had to stand in the balcony 3-4 minutes even after I am out-of-sight.

I remember that once or twice it so happened that I saw her turn back while I was crossing the gates. That sight of – seeing her back when the ‘grown up’ me was leaving on his own for his pursuit- was something I could not handle. That visual stayed with me the whole day and for such a lame reason  I did not concentrate on my classes and remained out-of-mood. As I reached home I shared this with my mom. She tried to explain but I was not to listen. I did not want to buy any of her argument. All she can do was to agree, and she did. And as long as it mattered, I don’t remember this happening barring this one of two times.

She was a mother. I do not know how she took this irrationality and possessiveness and ego of her child. But I can speak for myself. I loved this element of the relation. Today it seems laughable, irrational, childish, stubborn etc. But then that is what connected us. Today, when I am and independent adult, yet she would be at peace only when she knows I have had my meals and that I am doing fine. But the fact remains that she was a MOTHER. And I knew it and so I would put all the mandatory measures to express my feelings for her.

Family remains your circle of  life till a certain age and time. Its like every bird has to fly from the nest. Not necessarily in geographical connotation but in psychological connotation. As one grows the pursuits start becoming much more complex. It is no more just going to school. A lot of economic, academic, professional and emotional pursuits occupy our lives. Amidst these we meet a lot of people. Some of them with whom we get close – we call them friends, some of them with whom we get personal – we call them best friends, to one we make commitment – we call them husband or wife and so on and so forth.

I am going through the same cycle. I have friends, colleagues, acquaintances, peers, loved ones, best friends so on and so forth. Each one having its own distinct space.

After all the introspection I realised something which I was totally unaware of.  I realised that somewhere I am still the same. The laughable, irrational, childish, emotional  and stubborn kid does come alive somewhere.

Inspite of that person not being my mother, I still put in weird expectations, mandatoriness and super irrational behaviour. We all do it with someone or may be with a few people where the irrational us manifests. Amidst the maddening clutter and tons of people that we come across it is with that one or few that we become childish.  Don’t know whether this holds true for all, but for me it surely does.

Any relation which is beyond mere sensory pleasures, you can call them your soulmate. The  example of mother justifies that, though I am possessive about her; the relation is not for sensory pleasures. It is that and beyond that.

And that person, who becomes my mother and makes me a kid and vice versa; that person who  I  bump into when I am not searching is the one I would like to call my SOULMATE.

Esoterica : One theory of soulmates, presented by Aristophanes in Plato’s Symposium, is that humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces, but Zeus feared their power and split them all in half, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to complete them. Over countless reincarnations, each half seeks the other. When all karmic debt is purged, the two will fuse back together and return to the ultimate.


11 08 2009

Among temporariness we seek permanence. The entire society collectively seeks this. Hence generally most temporary events or incidences are labeled anti-social.

Some examples to explain :

#1 : Take the case of inter gender attraction/liking ; suppose A likes B  person..A’s entire efforts would be to ‘permanentise’ the whole equation with B through ‘marriage’

If B has a thing for one night stands or flings…A’s gonna label B with some anti-social name.

Marriage is legal while Prostitution is illegal. The point is they both exist.

# 2 : Same holds true for any relation. Every relation is a method to make that temporary contact permanent. Friendship, soul mates, love, ‘you like my brother’…’you like my sister’ etc. are just means to seek permanence.

Ever wondered that new close inter gender friendships are rare post marriage. Reason being one cannot seek permanence any more, if they do…it generally becomes anti-social.

Formalities are acceptable while limitless indulgent relationships are not. However they both do exist.

# 3 : Being drunk and behaving a little rowdy on some Saturday night, is a youngsters temporary behaviour. That young guy or gal could be as sincere as anyone else otherwise. If at all a cop finds that person in that temporary state of being rowdy on the street, that might just get termed as ‘anti-social’. But than the society tends to ‘permanentise’ this phenomenon by providing pubs/discs, basically places to be rowdy!!

Pubbing is legal while Drinking in public place is anti social. They both exist.

#4 : Construction / blockage of any kind on a public road is illegal. But a shabby temple existing in d middle of the road is legal. The same temple came into existence as a temporary structure but than if it manages to permanentise itself, by means of faith, wish – full fill fundas, then it becomes socially acceptable.

#5 : In legal parlance Begging is a crime, its illegal. Even the society considers it as a malice. But then we have ‘permanentised’ it in various manners like subsidies, interest free loans, charitable donations, favours etc.

Accepting charity is legal, while begging is a social issue. They both exist.

# 6 : Over a horizon of  few centuries our existence is very temporary. Yet individually and even collectively we are oriented to ‘permanentise’ our lives.

Superman is acceptable while a ‘devdas’ is not socially acceptable. Both are our fantasies, but one of them is termed ‘anti social’.

I can go on and on with such examples. At this point I wish to make it clear that the idea is not ‘society bashing’. Even at very individual level this behaviour occurs. Rather it starts from the individual before it becomes a collective social phenomenon.

The question that comes up is why this happens?

I think it is basic human nature to seek permanence. Reason being the feelings of fear, insecurity and jealousy are so strong that the only way out for an individual is to ‘permanentise’.

So be it. All that I would comment is just not look down upon all that is  ‘anti social’. Its just a different perspective. And more importantly one never knows when it would be ‘permanentised’ !!!

Note : Nothing really is permanent. A permanent state is theoritical. It cannot exist. But the orientation to seek permanence, the idea of feeling secured with what is permanent is real. To describe this orientation as a cognitive process I could not find any word. So the term ‘PERMANENTISE’.

It currently does not have a dictionary meaning.

PS : The thoughts expressed is not an attempt to make a statement on human behaviour. This is just a perspective of an individual called me and that perspective too is temporary. Each situation described above can be viewed from different angles and new fundas can be created. Keep this in mind else the point will be missed.

Quotable Quotes.

1 08 2009

At various points in time, one gets into a variety of situations which are unique and distinct from each other. At such points, while I am going through some certain experience, a flash of thought occurs in mind. Its like a a sudden spark of realisation, an articulation that happens within a blink, on its own; which later when I think of, seems profound.

Off late I had started collecting those sparks that have occured to me during varied emotional states. As I was going through them, even I could not remember as to under what influence I might have thought of them. But in itself they are complete and an interesting read.

Thought to share it here.

“Time is the only healer they say; but then time is the only killer too!!!!!!!!”

“Why do we behave differently on receiving and on giving the same thing? While receiving we take it for granted; just don’t care – but while giving we want the receiver to not take it for granted!!!!!”

They say that “don’t just say, but do”; I say “don’t say, just because you do!!”

“Your heart is calling you with every beat, waitin’ for you to take the call!!!”

“I may not get noticed. I may not be heard. I may not be felt. I may get isolated. I may never be embraced. I may end up being a dream that you never remember on waking up. But let me tell you (life), I will never give up.”

“If in the end animal instinct rules; why the hell  this pressure to be human????”

“It’s amazing to know that you see love with your eyes closed!”

“Life is lived in moments, and those moments live with u forever.”

“Some things are just not meant to be, more than life screwing us…its us screwing us!!!!!”

“It does not matter whether I am ok or not; it does not matter whether I am there or not; the only thing that matters is that, I  remain alive in your thoughts always!!”

“Sometimes everything is not enough. Having enough might still keep you deficient. And most of the times the deficiency is just perceptive. All that it means is that ignorance is a reality. But this reality is painful. And your only chance to remain happy is to go through all the pain. Alas that chance is just a hope!”

“Disorderliness is the precedent for every new order!”

“The source of smile and tears is always the same. Now I realize what GOD’s meant when they said, neither be too happy with something nor be too sad at something. But then I am just a lesser mortal. And so shedding a few tears for those bright smiles is absolutely ok!”

“There are no sins, only mistakes!”

“Fear creates doubt, fearlessness generates inquisitiveness. A method wherein trust and love are employed, rather than rankings and punishments is what I would want from my school”

“Alas! if I was taught ‘meanings’ first and than the words, may be than I would have ‘lived’ first and searched for ‘meanings’ (of life) later.”

“Why is it that most of us while ‘being good’ are generally not ‘being honest’????”

“WORDS if honest become a reflection of self; if dishonest they become a camouflage for self.”

“Often, in every endeavour, there comes a point when you tend to question your belief, you tend to revisit all that you were once passionate for; my contention is, what should be the basis of my choice at such a point??”

“Respect + gratefulness + consideration + humility = love… rest all is gimmickry”

“Why is it that what we live with is of least concern, while we cannot live for what we are truly concerned!?”

“The more importance you give to yourself, the more you are able to respect others. The more you see yourself, more satisfying your endeavors will be. Self – aware is what you become, Self-centered is what others will think that you have become.”

“If life’s a software application, and we all logged in, than shouldn’t there be a choice of ‘log out’!”

“Sometimes the best way to get is to give up!”

Quote at will.